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Hiking has rapidly become one of the most popular recreational activities in Trinidad & Tobago. The wide variety of fauna and flora and the opportunity to discover hidden natural treasures such as picturesque waterfalls, refreshing rivers and lush rain forests serve as ample encouragement for tourists and nationals alike to visit local hiking trails as often as possible. Many are left breathless by the places they encounter. So come with us and discover the "WONDER" that's Trinidad & Tobago. 

Blanchisseuse to Gran Tacaribe pre qualifier (NEW): July 6th 2014

A coastal hike sure not to miss, the trek begins at the Spring Bridge in Blanchisseuse on and open dirt road until we reach the forest trail. Here we are treated to costal views of the Caribbean Sea. We cut through the sands of Paria continuing over the hills into Petit Tacaribe and then onwards to the hidden beach, a 1.2 kilometer crown jewel. This trail meanders over a succession of hills, crossing several streams, alternating from unspoiled beaches to untouched rainforest. This hike is not for the leisure hikers but for those who wish to test their fitness level over a series of hills and long distance. So are you ready for a challenge?

Duration – 3 hours one way
Rating – Challenging
Meeting Point: Brian Lara Promenade, Opposite Nicolas Tower
Assembly Time - 6:30am
Departure Time - 7:00am

Brasso Seco to Avocat - pre qualifier (NEW): July 20th 2014

Brasso Seco is patois for dry branch which characterized the way the area was found by settlers in the early part of the 20th century. It was the perfect environment for growing cocoa which provided the source of revenue for resident farmers until the 1960s. We begin our eight mile trek at the Brasso Seco Village on pass numerous cocoa fields until we meet Paria Bay. Here we take a short break and make our journey through the Paria hills to the spring bridge. But the hike isn’t finished there you have one last climb on a steady incline before arriving at the base of Avocat Falls to signal the end of a grueling journey.

 Duration – 8 hours one way
Rating – Moderate
Meeting Point: Brian Lara Promenade, Opposite Nicolas Tower
Assembly Time - 7.00 am
Departure Time - 7.30 am

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